Press release
FamilyMart will introduce indoor commercial small-sized cleaning robots equipped with promotional functions to 300 stores
(Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Wang Chong) is developing a solution business that aims to improve the efficiency and quality of "human life," "social infrastructure" and "business area" with more powerful technologies that combine AI and IOT.
We will introduce a multifunctional small cleaning robot for indoor business use to 300 FamilyMart stores
The purpose of introducing the multifunctional small indoor cleaning robot is to achieve more stable store operations by reducing labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population and saving labor in store operations.
The newly introduced compact multi-machine indoor cleaning robot fully automatically performs the sweeping and wiping tasks performed by store employees as floor cleaning tasks, reducing the cleaning work of one hour.
In addition to the basic cleaning function, the multifunctional cleaning robot has a function that uses a small monitor to announce product information and campaigns, and displays and appeals products on product display shelves to encourage purchases.
As a future challenge, we plan to make proposals that make full use of AI and camera functions on the theme of improving the working environment of store managers due to serious labor shortages.
◆ Product Overview
Name J30S
  • Dimensions 390×390×1080
  • Continuous working time 3~5 hours
  • Max speed 0.3m/s
  • Step 10mm
  • Cleaning efficiency maximum 350 m2/h
  • Weight 27.5kg
  • Charging time 4h
  • Sweeping 390mm
  • Water wipe 320mm
  • Noise ≦ 75dB
  • Fresh water tank 4.8L
  • Sewage tank 4.8L
  • Climbing ability Slope 5°
  • Wall distance 70mm
◆ Features
  • Automation: Automatic charging, automatic cleaning
  • Self-cleaning: Special self-cleaning design
  • Multi Cleaning Mode: Dust Collection, Water Wipe, Dust Collection + Water Wipe
  • Security: Multiple sensors and navigation technologies enable accurate detection and avoidance of obstacles
  • Smart Maintenance: Managed by Smart Maintenance Platform, Remote Control by App
The cleaning robot has a height of 1080mm, a monitor at the top, and a product display shelf in the middle.
  • Fully automatic cleaning at the set time
  • Announce product information and campaigns on a small monitor
  • Develop and appeal products on product display shelves
  • Avoid collisions with customers and obstacles with sensors
  • Distributed the voice of "We are working on it. Please be careful."
At iWis Robotics, we recognize that the improvement of the environment where the declining population and the aging of the population have become major social problems in Japan is our mission, and all employees are working together to solve the problem. We believe that this will lead to the creation of value for the future.
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