Exhibited at CEATEC 2023 and NexTech Week Exhibition
In 2023, IWs Robotics Co., Ltd. exhibited at Next Tech Week (10/25 ~ 10/27) and CEATEC (10/17 ~ 10/20) held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Tokyo.
Business negotiations with customers
How to use the vacuum cleaner
WebNexTech Week is a place to meet solutions that change the future of people, companies, and the world. It consists of four exhibitions exhibiting the latest technologies of <AI> <blockchain> <quantum computers> and services that cultivate <digital human resources>.
CEATEC 2023 is a comprehensive exhibition related to electronics and IT. We aim to realize "Society 5.0" that balances economic development and solving social issues, gathering people from all industries and industries, technology and information, and drawing the future by "co-creation."
As one of the corporate exhibitors, IWITH exhibited the latest IWITH J30, J30S and J40 indoor business cleaning robot products. It introduced the cutting-edge technology and application scenes of cleaning robots to visitors, attracting the attention of many customers, media companies and exhibitors.
Products J30s and J40
Customers who visited our booth understood that our cleaning robot is a product that is effective for various projects and suitable for creating work efficiency. According to a survey by the Japan Management Association Research Institute, demand for industrial cleaning robots is increasing due to labor shortages. The market size is estimated to expand to about 15 billion yen in 2024. In the future, we aim to provide everyone with the best cost performance in the field of industrial cleaning products by utilizing AI technology in cleaning robot products.