Message from the CEO
CEO Wang Chi

Welcome to the world where humans and robots coexist. Nowadays, robots act like humans by thinking for themselves and selecting the optimal behavior through co-evolution with AI. Please experience the world where robots grow together with humans like smartphones. The current social environment surrounding us is changing rapidly, and flexible and bold ideas that are not bound by existing technologies are required. My motto is "Opening a beautiful future through technological evolution." Through technological evolution, we have created new value that adapts to environmental changes. I have always tried to manage from a woman-specific perspective, and have kept in mind creativity and innovation based on diversity, and a holistic approach. We are developing a solution business that aims to improve the efficiency and quality of "human life," "social infrastructure" and "business area" with more powerful technology that integrates AI and IOT. Recently, the declining population and the aging of the population have become major social problems in Japan. We recognize that such social problems are our mission, and all employees are working together to solve problems. This is what I believe will lead to the creation of value for the future, and I will act accordingly. Going forward, we will develop products that bring about changes in the social environment using smart technology with the aim of creating new value. Please look forward to our activities.

IWITH Robotics Inc.

CEO Wang Chi

Company Profile
Company Name
IWITH Robotics Inc.
Head Office Location
1-47-1 Oimachi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
NT Building 12F
February 1, 2023
39,999,995 yen
Director Wang Qian
Business Description
Provision of R & D, sales and maintenance of business cleaning robots and service robots