Press release
Maruhan Co., Ltd. introduced the J40 series
【Company Profile】
Maruhan Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, is a comprehensive entertainment company that operates bowling alleys, amusement facilities, movie theaters, etc. centered on the pachinko hall "Maruhan." Founded in 1957, it currently operates 313 pachinko parlors nationwide. Including group companies, it is expanding its business as a major company with a building maintenance company and subsidiaries such as restaurants, golf, and overseas financial businesses. Consolidated sales for the fiscal year ending March 2023 are 1,319.6 billion yen, and the corporate brand message is "Bring joy to life."
【Customer needs and challenges】
While there are several challenges facing the pachinko hall industry, the one we focused on is securing human resources due to the declining birthrate and aging population, which has become a problem in recent years.
In particular, store maintenance costs arising from the energy problem of import costs soaring due to the rapid appreciation of the yen have become a matter of life and death as a company.
A solution focused on reducing store maintenance costs led to the order for the J40 series.
【Model used】
IWITH J40 series
【Solutions from IWITH】
The indoor business cleaning robot J40 is the first vacuum cleaner to realize automatic cleaning even in a tortuous environment through field trials. It corresponds to an area of up to 40,000 square meters and enables rapid mapping even in game centers. It also has automatic cleaning modes such as sweeping and cleaning of short pile blankets and tiles, dust collection, floor polishing, mop wiping, etc. By introducing 50 of our cleaning robots, we were able to devote the labor cost and time of the staff to customer service, which was devoted to cleaning, and we think that we were able to greatly increase added value.
J40 Indoor usage